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High5 method  |  Growth model

The unconventional approach for tech/IT companies that want to get more growth out of their organization.

Why the High5 method of growth?

If you want to get more results and growth from your organization or branches, I would like to introduce you to the 'High5 method of growth'. Based on years of practical experience, this method has been specially developed for tech/IT companies with a knowledge-intensive product or service.


This model gives you the opportunity to see where the growth bottleneck is in your organization. We look at all aspects of your company; the organizational structure, the team, the available knowledge and the market. Once the bottleneck has been identified and resolved, I guarantee short-term regional growth and long-term continuous growth in all aspects of your business.

The High5 method of growth steps

There are several steps that lead to continuous growth. These steps are clustered in the 5 themes below.


  1. Mindset - The right growth mindset of the organization, appropriate to the market.

  2. Connectivity - The strongest connection with the market, which knows how to trigger customers.

  3. Knowledge - The knowledge that is present and necessary for the growth market.

  4. Behavior - The adaptivity of the organization in line with market dynamics.

  5. Consciousness - The conscious and unique reason for being.


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From blind spot to sweet spot

When not all 5 steps have been completed in your organization, so-called blind spots arise. Here I give examples of three blind spots that often occur in tech / IT organizations.


The steps in the High5 method of growth cannot be seen in isolation from each other for continuous growth of the organization. The image below shows what happens if you are in a blind spot where you miss one or more steps.

Situation A: You are in the wrong market .

You have an organization that fitted in well with the needs of the market a few years ago. Internally you have everything on track: a clear organizational (infra)structure and a pleasant culture. The loyal customers keep coming back, but winning new ones is a challenge. You communicate a lot about what you do, but it doesn't come across to new customers. What you lack is the right connectivity with the market.

Situation B: You have grown quickly , the internal organization can no longer keep up.

You have an organization that fits the market very well from its inspiration. The connection with the market is good, which means that you grow strongly as an organization. It couldn't get any better, it seems. What you lack is an internal organization that can keep up with growth. Because this is not the case, there will be internal dissatisfaction, which will also have repercussions externally.

Situation C: You are strongly opportunity-driven , you seize opportunities that do not fit with the original organization. Good for the short term, not for the long term.

You have a solid organization (infra)structure that is well attuned to the culture. The connection with the market is excellent, which means that you grow strongly. You also manage to win deals that do not directly tie in with the core business, because you don't like to turn down a good deal. Due to its success in all kinds of markets, the organization is strongly opportunistically driven. What you lack is the courage to say 'no' to opportunities that do not suit the organization.

knowledge & focus.png

From branche to market cell

So far I've talked about branches. In practice I often talk about market cells.

This seems the same, with an important nuance. A market cell has a clear focus on a specific market. A market cell operates within an organisation, is adaptive, autonomous and enterprising.

There is a lot of decentralized accountability, with the CEO (or CxO) letting go to a great extent.

The aim is for the market cell to have a maximum number of employees. When the market cell has reached this number, split the cell into two market cells, each with its own focus.


A branch can even consist of several market cells. An organization can consist of a network of market cells, both national and international. Each cell operates completely autonomously, with a strong principle of solidarity.  Some organizations have single market cells. There are also organizations that have more than 500 cells worldwide.

The Sweet spot - structural growth

When you have completed all the steps of the High5 method of growth in your organization, you will automatically enter the High5 Sweet spot.


This is what happens when you get to this 'Sweet spot':


  • You will experience structural growth of all market cells, so that your entire organization will grow much faster.

  • The market cells have their own responsibility and on that basis will become entrepreneurial with minimal risks.

  • The entire organization is made up of a network of market cells that are adaptive to their own market dynamics. This also allows them to quickly adapt to market changes.

  • From the HQ you have a much more facilitating and coaching role than a controlling one.

  • This foundation of market cells gives you room to focus on new growth priorities of the organization. The market cells then form a very solid foundation for new growth opportunities and scaling up your organization.


The ultimate outcome is autonomous, enterprising and continuously growing decentralized cells in a flat organization. Here the right employees are in the right place, with the best product or service tailored to the market. This is a very solid foundation for further growth.

Getting started with the High5 method of growth

Do you want to know whether the High5 method of growth can work for your company?


Request a no-obligation 45-minute strategy meeting. In this conversation I will ask you a number of questions about your company, your product/service and your current challenges in terms of growth.


When I think I can accelerate your company and you are open to it, I'm happy to talk about it. If not, I will always help you with some tips, advice or refer you to another party. 

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