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Companies and investors want to work with me because they want to get more growth out of the organization. They experience that the current way of organizing is being challenged and they have often not yet been able to find a good, structural solution. My clients are ambitious and open to an unconventional approach to continuously grow successfully.


I strongly believe that in most companies the hierarchical, top-down way of organizing has lost its effectiveness. Both in anticipating market forces and retaining employees. Hierarchy was originally intended to communicate, not report. However, it has not been used for a long time.


I believe in companies that are organized as a network, with 'human-sized' units and a specific market focus. Adaptive, autonomous and enterprising. With plenty of responsibility (and accountability) for employees. And therefore continuously growing with very good results.


Together with my customers, I allow tech/IT companies to accelerate structurally. I do this by means of the 'High5 method of growth'. With strategic sessions and mentoring trajectories. This proven successful method is an unconventional approach to organizing in market cells.


My name is Harm Woortmeijer. A born Frisian and for several years living in the center of Amsterdam.


After years of working as a director at various international organizations, I have been independently active since 2018 as an 'Accelerator' for companies that want to get more growth out of their organization.


I focus in particular on companies with multiple branches or locations, national or international.


I am connecting, calm, to-the-point  and honest.  I like to challenge others and myself. Stretch, but in such a way that the elastic never snaps.  


My hobbies: everything that has to do with water and in particular I am passionate about Formula 1 sailing: the Volvo ocean race.

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