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Join | Boots on the Ground

Do you believe


  • That the current way of organizing top-down with hierarchy and control is no longer of this time?

  • In the new way of bottom-up, decentralized organisation?

  • In natural leadership based on authenticity?

  • That if employees in an organization are more 'accountable', less structure is needed?

  • That full-time managers (team leads, department heads, etc.) actually dampen entrepreneurship and create compartmentalization?

  • That a 'customer flow organization' is the only solution for growth in this dynamic digital world?


Do you work on a freelance basis, and would you like to join the community that believes in this unconventional way of organizing?

We are looking for people who have been in the driver seat themselves and have grown companies according to a cell model. People with specific expertise that is of added value to the 'Boots on the ground' network. Who have learned from mistakes and successes.


Are you a believer? Then you can arrange an introductory meeting here.

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