Mission possible

In order to be successful in the US, you need a completely different approach than you would have in your home base country.


Looking for the right US strategy while you have already opened an office US will cost you a lot of time and money. It's a shame to pay this tuition fee, while you can also learn from the lessons others have learned in this phase.


Woortmeijer offers guidance on taking the first strategic steps before opening an office or hiring people. This will be a joint effort with some of your key people. If you have already opened an office in the US, together we will critically review and redefine the current strategy, if necessary.


Using a phased approach, we will define the best strategy for your company. Your business knowledge combined with Woortmeijer's US knowledge and experience will result in the best strategic choices, where we consider the company, the people, the product and the fit with society.


The strategy for the US will most likely be a completely different one you use in your home base market and will probably shake up your current vision. That’s why we work with a 'go-no-go' at each stage for the next phase.



  • Phased roadmap and plan of action for each specific country.

  • Acceleration projects.

  • Coaching management teams to expand abroad.



  • Scale-ups and grown-ups who want to expand their business.

  • Corporates who feel the heat to change.

General terms

  • We work with believers.

  • We rely on mutual trust.

  • For every challenge, we find a solution together. based on healthy common sense.


  • Scaling, growth, and acceleration.

  • A joint effort with your key leaders.

  • Boots on the ground.

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