We guarantee leaders

continuous growth of

company, people, product, and society.

Live your American dream, anywhere in the world

This dynamic world needs companies, including their people and products, that can anticipate and continuously adapt to society. A lot of companies are successful in this and understand that tomorrow’s challenges will not be solved with yesterday’s logic.


However, scaling their business abroad regularly turn out to be a challenge. They want to pursue The American Dream, but have great difficulty truly getting a foothold oversees. International growth requires a clever strategy, most likely a completely different one than you use in your home base market and that will shake up your current plans.


Many theories tell you how to successfully expand your business. Many advisors to tell you how to potentially do it. We’ve done it.

Boots on the ground

Guiding leaders to expand their business and to live their ‘American dream’ in different countries all over the world, with specialization US expansion.

There are many theories on how to successfully expand your business. There are many advisors to tell you how to potentially do it. What will be the best strategy for success? Many leaders find it challenging.

We’ve done it.

Why work with us?

The American dream:

  • We want to expand to the US, but don’t have the right knowledge and experience yet.

  • Some international customers brought us to the US, and now it's hard to continue to grow.

  • We have an office in the US and native US sales on board, but still have difficulties to grow.

  • We’re just a small player compared with my US competitors, so how can we become visible?

  • We’re very successful in my home region, but not as successful in de US.

The American dream around the globe:

  • We want to start up a second entity, but we don’t know how to do this.

  • How come some entities grow fast and others not fast enough?

  • How can we give local entities enough freedom and responsibility,
    without involvement from and dependency on HQ?

  • We want to improve the P&L responsibility and margins of our entities.

  • We would like to know what the best product, region, and customer focus of each entity is.

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